Me, me, me

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The mandatory bio page where you can learn more than you want to know about you know who.

What I think is the most important:

That I have a growing number of ebooks now available through Laurel Fork Press. Also, that I have a forthcoming blog about the perils and joys–um, wait–were there any joys?– of raising an almost toxically energetic labradoodle. 

What I send to publishers: 

Susan J. Kroupa has a degree in music theory and has worked as a music reviewer, arts feature writer, and freelance journalist.  She has published feature articles on topics ranging from Hopi Indian culture to environmental issues in The Arizona Republic, High Country News, and American Forests. Her fiction has appeared in Realms of Fantasy, Bruce Coville’s Shapeshifters, Age of Reason, Bones of the World, and Beyond the Last Star. She is a first place winner in the Writers of the Future and the Deep South Writing Competition contests, and has also won awards in the Frank Waters Writers of the Southwest, Writers at Work, and the Utah Arts Council contests. 

What I might add if I thought there was interest:

After thirteen years in Utah, where she worked at Orem Public Library selecting books for the fiction and foreign language collections, Susan moved with her husband to the Appalachians in southwestern Virginia (or, as one of her daughters puts it, “the middle of freaking nowhere”.) There, her desert-raised, moisture-starved soul delights in the natural beauty of the Blue Ridge mountains, where trees, moss, and rainstorms abound; where raspberries and blackberries grow wild; where spring breaks forth in a riot of bird call, blooming azaleas, woodpecker rapping, and buzzing bees.

But now another sound, the siren call, a nearly irresistible magnetic force, tugs her back toward the barren west, that unassailable force known to almost every parent: grandkids. How long can she hold out and remain in paradise? Stayed tuned. 

How I see myself:

Professional writer, amateur photographer, amateur musician, amateur gardener. Dog lover, horse lover, book lover, nature lover, 

How my (grown) kids see me:

Taco-maker supreme, sadistic manuscript editor, gaga grandmother, delusional dog lover, erratic driver.

How my dog sees me:

Certainly not a boss! At best, a coequal who takes frequent walks and (often) carries treats. A marginal communicator who insists on annoying little power plays to try to boost her authority. (Seriously. Just how often does a dog really need to “sit” ?) But more fun now that she’s discovered clicker training. And the really good treats.  

How my cats see me:

Unabashed dog lover and cat segregationist. Reliable meal provider.

How my pet cockroach sees me:

Just seeing if you’re still here. I don’t actually have or ever intend to have any pet insects.