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Welcome. I’m an award-winning author mostly known for the Doodlebugged Mysteries, but I’ve also had my work appear in such places as Realms of Fantasy, Bruce Coville’s Shapeshifter, The Arizona Republic, and American Forests. You can find a list of my books here, read my blog here, or learn more about me here.

What readers have to say about the newest Doodlebugged Mysteries

Another great Doodle story! A beautifully crafted tale told through the eyes of Doodle, a bed bug sniffer dog. So well told that you never miss any detail necessary to advance the story while not gifting Doodle with gifts he could not possibly possess in real life. Not easy to do but Susan has done another superb job with this book.”

—Sylvia Kendall, Amazon review of Ruff-Housed

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“It’s fast paced with a dog napping, a lost toddler, a little romance and touches on the political issue of illegal immigrants all told from the point of view of Doodle, a bed bug sniffing Labradoodle. I finished the book with a smile on my face!”—Barb Scott, Amazon review of Ruff-Housed

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“This book is perfect for dog lovers of any age, and those looking for elements of mystery. A warning to readers: plan on reading this book all at once because you will not be able to put it down once you start! Great story, funny angles from the dog’s view, well written, and easy to read. Just a really good book.”—Eric G B, Amazon

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And don’t forget the book that introduced Doodle …


Right now, get Bed-Bugged FREE at most ebook retailers.

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“. . . delightful, briskly paced, with appealing characters, especially Doodle. Kroupa’s knowledge of, and love for, dogs shines through every scene.” –Sherwood Smith,  Goodreads

Ask Doodle why he flunked out of service-dog school and he’ll tell you: smart and obedient don’t always go hand in hand. Now he has a new job sniffing out bed bugs for his new boss, Josh Hunter. But when the boss’s ten-year old daughter, Molly, needs Doodle’s help to solve a mystery, Doodle’s nose and Molly’s camera lead them straight to danger.

Read an excerpt from Bed-Bugged.