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“. . . delightful, briskly paced, with appealing characters, especially Doodle. Kroupa’s knowledge of, and love for, dogs shines through every scene.” –Sherwood Smith,  Goodreads

Ask Doodle why he flunked out of service-dog school and he’ll tell you: smart and obedient don’t always go hand in hand. Now he has a new job sniffing out bed bugs for his new boss, Josh Hunter. But when the boss’s ten-year old daughter, Molly, needs Doodle’s help to solve a mystery, Doodle’s nose and Molly’s camera lead them straight to danger. Read an excerpt.

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“. .warmhearted and funny but never superficial. . . I haven’t met a fictional character in a long time that I enjoyed melding my mind with as much as Doodle.”—Mary Jo Rabe,

Doodle’s back!

In his second adventure, Doodle’s nose gets put to the test when Molly starts training him to find something very different from bed bugs to clear her best friend’s brother from drug charges. But when Doodle fails a practice with the boss for an important certification, it takes all of Molly’s ingenuity and Doodle’s keen intelligence to sniff out the real villains and set things right again.

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“. . . the perfect blend of mystery, suspense, and laugh-out-loud doggy observations. Completely delightful from beginning to end.” –Virginia Smith, best-selling author of the Falsely Accused Series.

Once again, Doodle’s nose and Molly’s camera get them in trouble. This time, a trip to the Blue Ridge Mountains quickly turns dangerous when Molly tries to help a friend and runs smack into an unscrupulous man with a big secret. Doodle discovers that while it’s no fun being lost, it can be even worse to be found—by the wrong person.

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“This was another wonderful and fun-filled adventure for Doodle and company. I loved it! There’s a bit of mystery along with some tender moments between the characters that made me cry. All narrated from a humorous canine POV. A good read.” —L. Goertz, Amazon

Who knew chasing a rat in the middle of a Christmas pageant could cause so much trouble? Certainly not Doodle, the obedience-impaired labradoodle who works for “the boss,” Josh Hunter of Hunter Bed Bug Detection, nor Molly, the boss’s ten-year-old daughter. But then Doodle’s the first to admit he doesn’t quite get Christmas.

Doodle’s antics during the pageant draw the attention of a popular video-blogger, who asks to do a feature his on sniffer-dog skills. But when the blog airs, pretty much the opposite of what Molly and the boss expected, the boss’s phone rings off the hook with distraught customers who think Doodle’s bed bug “finds” can’t be trusted.  Molly, searching for a way to set things right, befriends the blogger’s son, a boy alienated from his mother who wants only to go live with his father.

Throw in a handful of threatening letters, some lost dogs, and a devastating fire, and Molly and Doodle have their hands—well, in Doodle’s case, his paws—full finding out just who’s been naughty and who’s been nice.

A charming cozy for all seasons and for dog lovers of all ages.

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Another great Doodle story! A beautifully crafted tale told through the eyes of Doodle, a bed bug sniffer dog. So well told that you never miss any detail necessary to advance the story while not gifting Doodle with gifts he could not possibly possess in real life. Not easy to do but Susan has done another superb job with this book.” —Sylvia Kendall, Amazon

Sit. Stay. Be Polite with Strangers. What could be easier?

That’s what Doodle thinks when Molly signs him up to take the Canine Good Citizen Test at the annual DogDays Fair. Compared to the certifications he has to pass for his job as a bed-bug sniffer dog for the “boss,” Molly’s father, this should be simple.

But the test turns out to be no walk (or sit) in the park. Did he miss the memo about the explosions? And the stolen pets?

While Molly and her friends investigate, another dog disappears, with repercussions that threaten the bonds of an entire family.

Throw in a bullying neighbor and a chase across a squirrel-infested park near the White House, and Doodle begins to wonder if he and Molly have bitten off more than they can chew.

Funny and at times poignant, Ruff-Housed gives us an innocent and warm-hearted view into the mind of a no-nonsense, tell-it-like-it-is dog.

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Gabriel & Mr. DeathGabriel & Mr. Death

A story about life and love and miracles—Falcon Ridge Press

Gabriel is a coon hound with an unusual gift: he can see Mr. Death. He doesn’t think too hard on it until one Christmas Eve when Mr. Death comes for the person Gabriel loves most. He can’t let that happen, no sir, no way. No matter what a poor hound has to do. A touching story about a dog’s love and loyalty and the healing power of family.

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ScapegoatScapegoat 2000X1545

“. . . Kroupa presents Hopi lore so gracefully, with such simplicity, that the reader is drawn into the story and the lives of her characters without effort.”   Nancy Varian Berberick, Tangent, Winter 1996 

A boy. A quest. A terrible sacrifice. . .
Tiyo, the last of the rainmaker clan in his village, undertakes a dangerous journey across a barren desert to beg the great water serpent for rain. But will the cost be more than he can bear? Originally published in Realms of Fantasy, Scapegoat tells a powerful coming of age story in a setting rich with insight into Hopi Indian culture and mythology. Amazon ◊  Barnes & Noble ◊  iTunes

Hands of the Master When Celia first hears a recording of pianist Jiri Mrazek, a world-renown pianist who died the year she was born, his powerful, passionate playing changes her life. Drawn to his music, she soon discovers parallels between his life and hers. And when she makes the final round of the prestigious Horowitz competition at age twenty-one, the exact age that Mrazek won the same competition, she realizes her destiny is to be Mrazek’s musical heir. But her endless practice injures her hands, her small, weak, useless woman’s hands. And so, against the advice of her mother and doctor, she undergoes a cutting-edge procedure, a duel hand transplant. With hands like Mrazek’s, nothing can stop her from following in his footsteps. But surgeries carry risks, and dreams nurture the seeds of obsession. Mrazek died at a tragically young age. Celia must discover just where the parallels between her life and Mrazek’s end. On Kindle.

Counting Calories

Counting Calories Some hungers can never be filled. Now that Jenny knows this—knows it in the worst possible way—she worries about getting enough of a settlement out of Robert to survive. She harbors no illusions about starting over again, not with food prices skyrocketing, not with her looking the way she does now, but sometimes, just when you think you know the menu, life serves up surprises. Originally published in The Age of Reason: Stories for a New Millennium. On Kindle, Nook, and Smashwords.

The Marriage GameThe Marriage Game

 Sex and chocolate. That’s what Eva and her friend miss the most since “passing to the other side”, a phrase that makes them feel more like gas than ghosts. They amuse themselves by playing The Game, competing to influence the behavior of Flesh and Bloods. But when The Game takes an unexpected turn, even they wonder if winning is worth the price. Originally published in Realms of Fantasy.“Warm and charming”–Lois Tilton, IROSF.  On Kindle, Nook, and Smashwords.

Harden Times

In a Utah city left desolate after deadly plague, two survivors struggle to keep going. Rachel, grieving her lost family, finds new hope when a bay mare inexplicably shows up in her yard. But ten-year old Johnny Calico sees the horse as a means to return to his Navajo relatives in Northern Arizona. Even as the horse gives Rachel purpose for the first time since the Death, Johnny plots to steal it.  Read about Harden Times. On KindleNook, and Smashwords.

Tricky Coyote

Nobody wants a coyote for an animal guide, least of all Jimmy Shupla. But at every turn in his life—most of them bad—Jimmy sees a coyote lurking nearby. When his mother makes him move from his grandparents’ home on the Hopi reservation to go live in Apache Junction, Jimmy discovers he has more in common with coyotes than he could ever imagine. But will the discovery save or destroy him? On KindleNook, and Smashwords.

Kem Song

Some questions stretch across millennia. When off-planet developers offer Ana a fortune for her kemfarm, she must decide whether to trade a life luxury for her family for the kem she has fed, sheltered, sheared, and nurtured all her life. Can her good fortune be worth the misery the kem will face? As the deadline for a decision nears, Ana finds the answer from a surprising source. On KindleNook, and Smashwords.

The Niman Project

After the death of his wife and daughter, Honani works for years to establish a colony of people on a new planet where all can live in the peaceful Hopi Way. But in the ancient myths, every time the people try to leave evil behind, a witch brings it into the new world. This time is no different, except the witch, a teenage girl, forces Honani into hard choices, with the fate of his new world at stake. On Kindle, Nook, and Smashwords.

Courtesy CallCourtesy Call

It was the perfect story for me, and would have been even in mid-summer. Ms. Kroupa is just the kind of magical storyteller who can thaw the coldest hearts. . . .

—Gerald M. Weinberg

Peter doesn’t mind his job as a telemarketer for LockTite Security Systems, not since Ann left. At least it fills his days. And he’s good at it. Find the need and fill it—that’s his motto, his secret to success. He works hard to keep his world and his heart as safe as a LockTite system. But when he starts getting sales calls from a mysterious woman offering him a “one-time gift of the Christmas spirit,” nothing is safe anymore, especially his heart. On KindleNook, and Smashwords.

Walter's Christmas-Night MusikWalter’s Christmas-Night Musik

A wonderful story about Christmas Night Visitors. . . .. I found myself thinking about this story long after I finished reading it.”—Kristine Kathryn Rusch

Nothing has gone right for Walter Gunther since his wife died. He had to sell his music store to pay her medical bills and take a job in a big box music store. But when Walter is forced to work late on Christmas Eve, he receives a musical gift beyond his wildest imagining. On KindleNook, and Smashwords.



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