Whoa. If things look a little funky here, it’s because my webpage is morphing from WordPress.com to WordPress.org. Right now I’m calling this the “Frankensite.”




Welcome!  I’m an award-winning author mostly known for the Doodlebugged Mysteries, but I’ve also had my work appear in such places as Realms of Fantasy, Bruce Coville’s Shapeshifter, The Arizona Republic, and American Forests. You can find a list of my books here.


Ruff-Housed, the fifth Doodlebugged Mystery, will be out by Feb 5th. Stay tuned for details. Better yet, sign up for my NEWSLETTER , where you can get a free short story, special opportunities, and be the first know when new books are released. ( I’ll never share your information and I’ll only contact you when I have new releases.)